Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My personal make-up class

14/08/10... I went for a basic make up class coached by a friend of mine... she's a professional make up artist who have been in the line for 9 years... Prior to the day I was hesitated... should or should I not go for her class... Adding to my hesitation was my assignments which have yet to be completed... but I made up my mind to attend to her class... without me realizing it, I was transformed by my own hands... Thanks to Ayu from Sureanggun Bridal Boutique... She has made me realized that one could be transformed with their own hands... what more others... Look at couple of the photos... Not forgetting my other mates, Dr Akmal from Klinik Puteri, Kota Damansara who have transformed me to be a new person - she performed a lipolaser treatment, fat transfer and also radio frequency treatment on me... Not forgetting Alin who has all along supported and comforted me of whatsoever decisions that I made... Next would be my dream... Can't wait to fulfil my dream... I pray to Allah so that my dream would come true...

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